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Super fun ball shooter gameBricks Breaker Legend is a brand new and super enjoyable game. Your task is to fire the ball and break as many bricks as possible. This game’s gameplay, effects and sound will give you the most satisfying and relaxing moments in the day. For more information on how to get Bricks Breaker Legend cheats continue reading.

How to get Bricks Breaker Legend cheats

The lists below contain cheats for android and ios based devices for Bricks Breaker Legend, they are regularly updated by our developer team daily to make sure that the cheats are working correctly. Cheats for Bricks Breaker Legend are updated on March-08-2021.

Bricks Breaker Legend Android cheats

These Bricks Breaker Legend cheats and hacks are designed for Android based devices by our developer team and you can get unlimited resources for every in app purchase.

  • No-Ads $4.99 - Code: FF4C-F767-A119-EF7D
  • Rare Bundle $39.99 - Code: 1FBB-9AA0-0B32-3BDD
  • Ruby Pack 1 $1.99 - Code: 2F91-087E-1326-7BBF
  • Ruby Pack 2 $4.99 - Code: FF4C-F767-A119-EF7D
  • Ruby Pack 3 $9.99 - Code: 3500-DAAE-2F63-3E70
  • Royal Bundle $2.99 - Code: F60C-E2C4-AF57-8E0B
  • Super Bundle $14.99 - Code: CD24-BC5A-A6C0-F656
  • Common Bundle $6.99 - Code: 60DB-F4D1-9B65-967F
  • Starter Bundle $1.99 - Code: 2F91-087E-1326-7BBF
  • Weekly Premium Membership $7.99 - Code: DA24-73A7-6DBD-6737

Bricks Breaker Legend iOS Cheats

Bricks Breaker Legend cheats below are designed for iOS devices by our developer team and you can get unlimited resources for every item.

  • No-Ads $4.99 - Code: 2DD2-9B94-0638-160A
  • Rare Bundle $39.99 - Code: 086B-750E-7C67-CA97
  • Ruby Pack 1 $1.99 - Code: F443-FD0E-2716-0E98
  • Ruby Pack 2 $4.99 - Code: 2DD2-9B94-0638-160A
  • Ruby Pack 3 $9.99 - Code: 8628-8F88-F0FD-22D2
  • Royal Bundle $2.99 - Code: B273-5420-BEDB-83EB
  • Super Bundle $14.99 - Code: 6012-32C8-8CB0-E2B2
  • Common Bundle $6.99 - Code: 1FC2-1F69-B9C8-D36F
  • Starter Bundle $1.99 - Code: F443-FD0E-2716-0E98
  • Weekly Premium Membership $7.99 - Code: 7A2B-6BB7-FB8A-F2F0

To get best experience from Bricks Breaker Legend hacks, we recommend that you first try Weekly Premium Membership and then try other cheats.

How to use our Bricks Breaker Legend cheats and hacks

Using our hacks for Bricks Breaker Legend is very easy all you have to do is click on USE CHEATS button below and follow the tutorial that is displayed in our hack tool generator. You will get free, No-Ads, Rare Bundle, Ruby Pack 1, Ruby Pack 2, Ruby Pack 3, Royal Bundle, Super Bundle, Common Bundle, Starter Bundle, Weekly Premium Membership, game currency and much more.